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DIY myDAQ Karaoke Machine

It turns out that the lead singer in many bands is the only vocalist on a stereo microphone.  This means that background vocals and instruments typically appear on either the left or right channel with a time delay to the other.  You can exploit this phenomenon and create a karaoke machine by subtracting the left and right channels.  This essentially removes any signals which are identical between the left and the right audio channel, removing the lead vocalist.

Using this LabVIEW VI:

  1. Download the attached file VI myDAQ Audio Voice and open it in LabVIEW.
  2. (If your myDAQ is not Dev1, Change it to  Dev1 in Measurement & Automation Explorer)
  3. Attach a music  source to the AUDIO IN port of your myDAQ
  4. Attach a pair of PC  speakers to the AUDIO OUT port of your myDAQ
  5. Press the Run arrow in the top toolbar

Get the Equipment:

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ScreenHunter_08 Jul. 15 00.02.jpg

When the VI is running you can switch between the Left audio channel and the result of subtracting the right from the left channels.  In much of the music I own, the lead singer is either significantly muffled or completely attenuated.

ScreenHunter_09 Jul. 15 00.02.jpg

This VI uses the DAQ Assistant read to acquire the left and right audio channels.  The result is then broken out into a Waveform Datatype using two Convert From DDT express VIs.  The user may select which signal to hear.  The signal is then repeated on both channels so that both speakers play the same output signal.  A scalar is applied for volume control.  The result is then played out the DAQ Assistant2 VI and the spectrum is graphed using the Spectral Measurements VI and a Waveform Graph.