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Author of the French book “LabVIEW programming and applications"

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Prefaced by Jeff Kodosky the latest version is dated of May 2015.


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I translated the book summary:

LabVIEW is a graphical development environment particularly suited to the field of acquisition, measurement and control / command. Its fully graphical approach provides flexibility and unmatched intuitive dimension. Compared to text-based languages it offers the same programming capability but without the complex and abstract side related to syntax.

This book allows readers to learn the LabVIEW programming language in order to build an application in the rules of art. It is structured in six chapters:

• The first two are devoted to discover the tool and to the description of basic graphical programming elements.

• The third chapter covers advanced LabVIEW knowledge and skills to design, develop and deploy a scalable, readable, and maintainable application (style guideline, error handling, design pattern, timing FGV, Queue message).

• The last three chapters deal with the specific capabilities of LabVIEW for the acquisition, analysis and presentation of data.

Concrete and detailed examples illustrate LabVIEW capabilities such as data acquisition (NI-DAQmx, MAX), Plug & play instruments Driver, Real-Time systems & FPGA, signal processing, mathematical analysis, data backup, generation report, sharing code, VIPM or building executable. All examples are downloadable and completely conform to the LabVIEW Style Checklist (error handling, 4x4 connectors, alignment wires, commented, readable...).


Luc Desruelle, Francis Cottet, Michel Pinard

Éditeur Dunod / L'Usine Nouvelle - 3ème édition - 464 pages - EAN13 : 9782100724338


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The author : Luc DESRUELLE LabVIEW Champion page


Un lien vers un post du forum francophone qui parle de l’examen Certifié LabVIEW développeur (CLD) :

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