Re: First impressions

Using the Voice Recorder sample project, my network stream (over USB) maxed out at 32333 bytes/sec, very close to what you were seeing.  Going much over the sample rate/channels/etc. you discussed above caused the target to lose connection, exactly as you are seeing.

Next, I tried maxing out the network stream without having the FPGA involved.  I removed the sound sampling code and instead generated a random array of 16-bit integer data, and tried to max out throughput.  I was able to get speeds over 1.5e6 bytes/sec, around 1.5 MB/s, which is at least in the same realm as cRIO performance levels, and this was without optimizing packet size, loop rates, etc.

Network streams are clearly not the limiting factor here.  Instead, the FPGA is struggling to communicate back to the RT any more quickly than 32 kb/s.  Taking a look at the FPGA VI for the Voice Recorder sample project, the AudioIn analog input section is very basic.  We may be able to somehow optimize data throughput from FPGA up to RT.  Your thoughts?

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