Re: First impressions

Hey Dave,

I was able to get DSM to show the myRIO's CPU and memory.  You need to have System State Publisher installed to your myRIO.  I have System State Publisher 3.1 installed on my device, running LabVIEW 2013 with DSM 2013.  Are you able to publish CPU and memory to DSM?  If so, what sort of behavior are you seeing from the CPU and memory during your network streams test?

I'm putting together a throughput test using the sample Voice Recorder project; I'll let you know if I find anything interesting and what my results are.  It is interesting that both Wifi and the wired USB connection have given you the same results.  Perhaps another factor is in play, such as the rate data is passed from FPGA to RT.  Can you give some specifics on your implementation that resulted in the 32k bytes/s?  How different is your code from the Voice Recorder sample, or is that result from a completely different project?

Network shared variables bring the entire network variable engine in when first added to an application.  As such, an application that is near the limits of CPU or memory may crash from the added overhead.  Is your application showing high CPU or memory values before the crash?  I haven't had any issues using shared variables working with myRIO, and don't know of any applicable bugs.  Although it sounds like you have all dependencies covered, I've attached a screen shot showing what software is installed to my target.  Any differences for your installation?



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