Re: First impressions

   I'm still struggling with networking on the MyRIO.

   The instructions for the Voice Recorder example state that to use the Network Streams, you have to have WiFi connected on the MyRIO.  I have found that this is not the case.  I can turn wifi off, reboot the MyRIO, connect to the IP address that the USB connection shows, and the Voice Recorder example works.  Or, I can enable WiFi, change the project and the Network Streams to point to the WiFi IP, and it works even with the USB cable not connected.  Unfortunately, using WiFi does not alleviate any of the bandwidth limitations mentioned in my previous post.  I can still only get 32,000 bytes/sec over the Network Stream.

   Another issue that has arisen is that my app is very sensitive to Network Shared Variables.  As soon as I include one Shared Variable in the RT program, it becomes unstable and crashes frequently.  MAX shows that the Network Variable Engine and the Network Variable Client Support are installed on the MyRIO.  And my software deploys, it just crashes after it starts running.  So I would think that I must have all the required software components installed on the MyRIO.  Any ideas?



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