First impressions

    I can see a few spots where things could be polished, but overall, I think the MyRIO is in great shape.

    The installation was smooth.  The quick start guide was great, and things worked just as it said they would.  I downloaded the Cool MyRIO App and it installed smoothly.  VIP was a great tool for setting that up.

    In the category of "could use improvement":  The wifi button and LED don't function, which I know is a known issue.  But when you go to the articles referred to for them, all they say is "they don't work".  There is no link to how to set up the wifi.  Also nothing in the MyRIO manual that I could find about how to connect.  I found it in MAX, which didn't really take too long.  But it might be a bit more of a stumbling block for students and NI newbies.

    The example projects are great to have.

    I'm currently trying to get the Audio project running.  (Which is why I needed Wifi.)  The first time I ran it, the Desktop app said it was connected but the RT didn't.  Never really figured it out.  Restarted LV and it came up fine.  A minor comment:  On the desktop app, the Stop button looks like it belongs to the Record button.  E.g. press Record, then when you're done recording press Stop.  Nope, it stops the program, not the recording.  Perhaps a layout revision could help.  Also, I don't really care for the True state of those buttons at all.  The sickly slightly-orange hue doesn't really mean "depressed" or On to me.  Actually, it does remind me of "depressed" as a mood, but not as a button state.

    All in all, very impressive.  Good job!



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