Re: Used or New Electric Vehicle Airborne Turbine Energy Source with or without Hydro Energy Storage

Phases of Power Generation


Airborne wind turbines with ground based generators produce electricity through a long generating phase, which is then followed by a short cable retraction phase in which a small amount of power is consumed. Consistent electricity for the village can be provided by utilizing the internal battery pack of the electric vehicle or a pumped hydro generator.




During electricity generation, the Power Drone aircraft pulls on the tether line and the Electric Vehicle produces electricity for the village, vehicle battery pack, pumped hydro water pump, and drinking water filtration systems. The vehicle “thinks” it is driving forward and downhill, and generates electricity using regenerative braking, when in fact it is stationary.


EV Power Drone Generation Phase.png




During cable retraction, the Power Drone aircraft descends rapidly and the Electric Vehicle consumes a small amount of power from its internal battery pack. During this time, the village is powered using the pumped hydro generator and vehicle battery pack. The vehicle “thinks” it is driving in reverse, when in fact it is stationary.


EV Power Drone Retraction Phase.png


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