Hi all CLAD students,

I just receive the reply from NI certification, and we will work out to reschedule the Exam as soon as possible.

I know most of you are having presentation and Test on next week, I apologize for the inconveniences.

This morning, I just aware that, it is quite impossible to have the exam on Tuesday, it is too rush for US to register you guys again.

Thus, I would like to have a discussion again on the exam date.

Here are the choices:

i) 30th May 2012 (Wednesday) : 2pm - 3pm

ii) 1st June 2012 (Friday) : 10 am - 11am

iii) 4th June 2012 (Monday) : 5pm - 6pm

Kindly participate this discussion, stated your name, and also your available date.

You are encourage to choose more than one.

Wish to have the crowd in Makmal system again!!

Thank you so much!

Yours LSA

Hui Ru

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