Re: TimeSync for SNTP: Getting Started

Hello Mark,

Our problem is not with the stability of the clock, but with the initial difference between the 2 time sources : external and .

As we have a request to be able to run if we are connected or not to the time server, we don't know when the first synchronization could happen and which drift we could have between the 2 times.

About VeriStand, it is directly the Primary Control Loop which stops : "error code: -307732 NI VeriStand : The system has become unresponsive. The primary control loop has been shut down".

I suppose there is a check on the system time difference between 2 loops in the PCL.

In some case, we have seen this problem too using PTP between 2 PXI systems : when both systems are running, if we power-off / power-on the system which has been configured as the PTP master clock, the second system can stop with the error -307732.



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