Re: TimeSync for SNTP: Getting Started

Hi Hubert,

There is not a programmatic way to control the amount of correction we apply to the system time.  timeKeeperSynchronizationThreshold is a value you can set to control the amount of time (in seconds) you can be "off" from your time source (SNTP) and our plugin will still consider itself synchronized.  The default value is .01 or 10ms.

Can you please explain further what exactly is stopping inside of Veristand?  Is there an application you are running that is sensitive to changes in time? If so, what exactly is it sensitive to?

Unfortunately, with a software synchronization solution (i.e. no hardware stability from an OCXO/TCXO) we have imperfect holdover ability.  In order for us to prevent this we need to have a more stable time reference to peg ourselves against.  Is there a way you can prevent the SNTP server from restarting?  Alternatively, if time reference (SNTP) stability is an issue, you might consider running several nodes on the system that are capable of mastering a PTP network, in which case failover of any one node would not cause loss of synchronization.  You would just use the PTP plugin for NI-TimeSync instead and all the nodes should still synchronize correctly to the "best clock" on the network.


Mark Eggert

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