TimeSync for SNTP: Getting Started

SNTP Time Reference (Labs): http://ftp.ni.com/support/softlib/Timing_Sync/Labs/NI-TimeSync/NITimeSync1_2_d15.exe

Description:  The NI-TimeSync SNTP Time Reference allows you to synchronize your LabVIEW RT (VxWorks/PharLAP) system time to an SNTP server.

Installation Instructions:

    * Run the self extracting exe
    * Update your target through MAX to install the new software available

Selecting the SNTP server to synchronize to:

    * modify the following line in the file "/ni-rt/system/ni-timesync/ni-timesync-sntp.ini"
          o source.sntp.address = IP_ADDRESS_OF_SNTP_SERVER