Re: NI USB-TC01 1.0.1 Firmware Update Now Available

Hi Dave-

The USB Firmware Loader you mentioned means that your device is stuck in limbo during the upgrade, for some reason.  That state is supposed to be VERY transitory in nature.  Are there any errors associated with that device entry in Device Manager, or do you see anything else that seems amiss? 

I forwarded your post to one of the support engineers in charge of this device.  For quickest service you may want to just contact and refer them to this post.  We should be able to get a workaround out to you or otherwise arrange for repair or replacement of your device.  Apologies for the downtime.

Unfortunately CoffeeRoaster dropped from this thread.  If you still see notifications for this thread and are still having problems, please follow the same advice and we will do our best to help.

Tom W
National Instruments
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