Re: NI USB-TC01 1.0.1 Firmware Update Now Available

Unfortunately, I'll add a "me, too!" to CoffeeRoaster's post.  I just ordered a pair of these, and had plugged one in to my laptop, configured it in MAX, and was fiddling with a bit of LabVIEW code getting TC readings.  Then I found that there was updated firmware...

I downloaded and ran the updater, it identified my device, but now I only have a "USB Firmware Loader" in Windows Device Manager, and re-running the updater sadly informs me "no supported devices found".

I blame myself - I've been in the industry  far too long to believe any good can come from patching a perfectly good device from 1.0.0f1 to 1.0.1f1.  What was I thinking???

So, Kristen or Tom, any tricks for recovering a device that's stuck in loader mode, or should I be packing it up for a trip to Austin?  (Glad I ordered two!)

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David Boyd
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Philips Respironics
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