Separating TC01 driver (C)

What do I need to pull out of the massive beast that is NIDAQmx just to support the TC01 thermocouple?  Where is the dll or lib or similar for just the thermocouple?

I have an existing Visual Studio 8 C++ project we built using a non-NI USB thermocouple.  That device has proven unreliable, and I thought I could fairly easily switch to an NI USB thermocouple.  But the software is proving vastly more difficult than I expected.  I downloaded all of NIDAQmx, and can find some relevant source code there, but I cannot make it work.  Additionally, my full program is about 1 M, and installing a 1.3 G download on top of that is going to cause operations to scream.  I need a reasonable sized driver piece that can go in my install.

On a software level, how do I identify the physical channel to setup the device?  What do I need to call (C function) just to get data from the device?  The examples seem vastly over-complicated, with tasks and callbacks, when all I need is to occassionally get a single data point.

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