Re: Pane Relief

Version 2 of Pane Relief is now available! It's far from perfect, but I want to get something out so people can play around with it, and I hope it will be useful for people.


The main new features are:

1. You can select (shift click or double click to select all) multiple panes and splitters and apply actions to all of them at once (for example: turn off all scrollbars, lock all splitters, distribute splitters evenly vertically, etc)

2. You can change the size (width/height) of splitters, including setting them to 1px and 0px. I am doing some hack-y things in order to make this work, so do not blame me if it crashes LabVIEW - however, I have found it to be very stable so far and haven't experienced any issues yet.


A big thank you to flarn2006! I used his "Low Level VI Manipulation" code to get this to work, found here: