Re: Pane Relief

Very cool tool.  Looking forward to other updates.  Did you see the other pane manipulation tool here?  I think I like your editor better because of the semi live view.  Just like over there I'd suggest you also have an option for a Tools menu entry.  QD shortcuts are kind of hard to use with so many.  For example I use CTRL+A for aligning my front panel, or aligning objects depending on selection so I had to make yours something arbitrary just to get it to work.  


I noticed some flickering as you move the mouse around the live view.  I think this could be improved by looking at Draw Navigation  Maybe it could have a feedback node and know what the previous settings were, and if the image is going to be drawn the same, then not redraw the picture.  Although another quick test shows that this could also be improved by setting the Move Mouse on Nav Pic to have Limit Maximum Instances of this event to 1.


I'm looking forward to other updates, and do hope a 0px splitter can be added at some point.


Oh and love the name BTW.

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