Re: Interfacing U2000 Hitachi spectrophotometer to pc via RS232C

Hi again

I don't know if you are asking about collecting data (¿?), if so, you only need to use the "Read" node shown in my las post, and use the necesary inputs to get the ASCII interpretation of what your device is sending.

Node inputs' are the configuration parameters of any serial protocol like baudrate and parity, those depend on your specific machine. There is one input which asks you for the port in which your device is connected; even plugged in an USB port, a COM number will be assigned to your device and you need to check it from the "Device Manager" (If using windows) and select it as an input of the node.

The output will be an ASCII string of the recieved data so you can later use the string nodes to manage and convert it.

Consider that most of the times, the driver installation is needed before you can start using the connection.


Luis Ibarra

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