Re: Product Packaging Update: Unbundling Measurement Studio and LabWindows/CVI


I was specifically told in an 8/6/2015 email from  NI Sales Engineer  that "Whether you purchase LabWindows/CVI Full Dev or Measurment Studio Enterprise, you will receive the same CD and access to both software packages." After I purchased Measurement Studio Enterprise I was greatly dissapointed to find out that was not the case. I agree, that I will mostly use Measurement Studio but there are some TDMS scaling functions and digital filtering functions in LabWindows/CVI that are not available in Measurement Studio that I was hoping to use. For me the value of purchasing Measurement Studio Enterprise was greatly diminished because LabWindows/CVI was not included. I know I am in the 10% and now know that I should have made my purchase before Measurement Studio 2015. Again, I am very dissapointed because I was led to believe I would receive both packages. Here is the complete email text that I received  saying that I would receive both packages:

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