Re: Programmatically reload Project Providers?

Michael_Aivaliotis wrote:

I'm gonna regret saying this but I think the restart LabVIEW action is something VIPM needs to handle for the package developer. If you are installing several packages and each one requires LabVIEW restart, it could get crazy messy for the end user.

One solution would be to set a flag in the package building process that VIPM reads during install. Then VIPM can do a single restart at the end of the install process.

Another solution is for VIPM to interrogate if the package is a project provider and does the LabVIEW restart for that condition.

Another thing for consideration: I used the word "tinkered" above with the post-install step for good reason -- when calling "App.Restart", my first experience was the scary dialog that says something like "Warning, quitting will abort running VIs", and this technical hurdle appeared much higher than what I'm wanting to jump right now (not to mention, right now I don't want to try to consider the ramifications of bailing on LV while VIPM is doing stuffs with it).

Building the "Must Restart" feature into VIPB seems reasonable; I had not even considered the case of installing multiple (or chained) packages. And agreed with crelf it's the package designer's decision to explicitly check or not check this option; no need to "auto-detect"

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