Re: Programmatically reload Project Providers?

Thanks for the answer, David. One single point of clarification: "Because of this complexity and very small audience of provider developers that would benefit from it" It's arguably the end-users who benefit more -- so this is not just for developers on the LabVIEW Tools Network, it's for users also (which is a few orders of magnitude greater). Lotsa beneficiaries of this improvement.

"Probably the best solution/workaround to create a good user installation experience would be to call the restart LabVIEW method after all the files are installed" << Yep -- already been tinkering with a post-installation step. Another idea I'm tinkering with is lazy-loading the app logic and user interfaces -- I have found that the actual Project Provider interface rarely changes, so most the time it's not a big deal if it's not reloaded immediately (since it likely hasn't changed since the last version). On the other hand, I'm trying to engineer the app to be dynamically loaded from disk in order to circumvent (can't say that word without thinking cir-sum-vrent << Arrested Development) the issue. (Harder done that said... still brainstorming and fiddling)

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