CreateNewWizardInterface - Cannot get item to show in New Menu


I've been modifying the Actor Framework Project Provider from niACS over the past few months to support features that we need. In doing so, I've reworked the AddActor provider. However, i cannot get my version to show up when access the New menu from the the My Computer right-click context menu. I've renamed the provider, updated the ini file and signed it.



ItemInterfaceVI=..\NTS AddActor\

CreateNewWizardInterfaceVI=..\NTS AddActor\






I have verified that the paths to the Interface VI's are correct. I have changed the item name in the menu to reflect my name so that it is not 'Actor'. I have verified that once the VIs are installed via VIPM that there are no broken VIs.

Can some one give me a few pointers to help figure out why it won't show up? Or some methods for troubleshooting. I've been able to get all other Providers to work, such as Create Message, and so on.

Thanks for the help


Brian G. Shea
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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