Re: Project Provider INI File Signer Tool

Hey there,

So I've mentioned this elsewhere before (but never got around to fixing it since I don't work with LabVIEW as much as I used to) but what you're seeing is likely not an issue with licenses, even though the error message says so.  The bonehead who created the INI SIgner tool (me) manually caught any error with the signer EXE and assumed it was a license issue.  When we removed the need for a license, I never changed the VI to handle this error correctly (see? bonehead) and now any error returned from the EXE says there's a license issue.  My recommendation is to debug the signer VI and see what output is actually being returned from the System Exec call, and you'll likely find that there's some other issue.  I believe the last time this came up, it was something to do with calling the VI from a project vs calling it from 'Main Application Instance' which caused the file to not be found in the right place.  


Someone should REALLY fix that stupid bug <cough>RDR</cough> Smiley Very Happy


Good luck!