Re: Project Provider INI File Signer Tool

Thanks Hooovahh,

Using the information from the LAVA page I was able to write a really simple VI that creates the signature - tested and working Smiley Happy


I would appreciate it if someone from NI would comment to say if people are now freely allowed to sign their own ini files?

The end result is the same, but I would like to play by the rules - NI made this licence for a reason... I'm just not sure what that was.



From the FAQ page:

How do I sign my INI files so my provider is registered with LabVIEW?

All INI files must be individually signed in order to be recognized in LabVIEW as a valid project provider.  You may now use the Project Provider INI File Signer Tool to sign your own INI files. 

Note:  Any changes to the INI file after being signed will require it to be signed again.

I'm going to take this as - 'Sure, sign it yourself'. As I couldn't get theirs working, find attached my implementation.