Project Provider INI File Signer Tool

The Project Provider INI File Signer is a command line application for signing INI Files for Third Party Project Providers.  INIFileSigner.exe must be called from the command line (or from LabVIEW using "System") with the following parameters:


IniFileSigner -in filename_in -out filename_out [-v]

  -in filename_in   : full path to an input file

  -out filename_out : full path to the signed output file

  -v : verbose mode


An example VI (Provider INI has also been provided to easily sign your INI files from LabVIEW.  To use this VI simply run it and then choose an INI file or directory in the path control.  If a path is selected, the program will sign all INI files in this directory.  If "Overwrite Original File" is true, the tool will sign the INI file in place.  Otherwise it will create a second copy of the INI File with "_signed" appended to the file name.  Finally click "Sign" to sign the INI files that are listed in the "Files to sign" array.  Note that you can change the file name of the INI file without needing to resign, but changing the contents of the file will break the signature.



Known Issue:

  • If you call the exe with -in and -out as the same file name, the INI file will be destroyed.  Please use a different input and output file name when using this tool.  The "Provider INI Signer" VI handles this problem by creating a signed copy and then renaming it to overwrite the original.


Important Note:

The LabVIEW Project Provider framework is an unsupported feature of LabVIEW. The only documentation for it exists in this community group, and it is community supported only. While NI has no plans to modify or break the existing APIs, there is no guarantee that all features will work in future versions of LabVIEW. Please use at your own risk.