Re: [Feature Request] Better UX for Missing Project Providers

I wish that there existed canonical properties associated with an item that the LVProj would recognize in order to notify the user of the Project Provider it needs. The items self-identify themselves through a tags/properties, rather than necessitating LabVIEW ship with a manifest of known item types (as you describe).

For example, the properties could be called Item.ProviderLocalizedName and Item.ProviderDownloadURL to form a project item that looks like this:

     <Item Name="Project Item Display Name" Type="{0B7BFEE2-070C-4144-A1FF-61D292BDE31F}">

          <Property Name="Item.ProviderLocalizedName" Type="Str">Foo Plugin for LabVIEW</Property>

          <Property Name="Item.ProviderDownloadURL" Type="Str"></Property>

          <Property Name="All_the_other_arbitrary_properties_of_the_provider" Type="Str">... and so on and so forth ...</Property>


I like this idea too. Who will be responsible for writing that property (say URL to download the provider) to the item? I am guessing the primary provider for the item?

      If yes, then this property should be optional and default to the old behavior for supporting existing providers.

Sumedha Ganjoo | LabVIEW R&D
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