Re: [Feature Request] Better UX for Missing Project Providers

David_L wrote:

I think the problem with your suggestion is this:  The error is seen when the plugin is not installed.  But in order to give a custom message, you'd have to install something.  The only way to handle this is if LabVIEW knew every plugin that was possible and we updated a list each year with new project providers.  Might be useful, but difficult to maintain. 

Let me re-explain, this time getting more into the technical implementation.

I wish that there existed canonical properties associated with an item that the LVProj would recognize in order to notify the user of the Project Provider it needs. The items self-identify themselves through a tags/properties, rather than necessitating LabVIEW ship with a manifest of known item types (as you describe).

For example, the properties could be called Item.ProviderLocalizedName and Item.ProviderDownloadURL to form a project item that looks like this:

     <Item Name="Project Item Display Name" Type="{0B7BFEE2-070C-4144-A1FF-61D292BDE31F}">

          <Property Name="Item.ProviderLocalizedName" Type="Str">Foo Plugin for LabVIEW</Property>

          <Property Name="Item.ProviderDownloadURL" Type="Str"></Property>

          <Property Name="All_the_other_arbitrary_properties_of_the_provider" Type="Str">... and so on and so forth ...</Property>


And the message shown to the user, instead of the dead-end "please contact National Instruments" would say "The plugin needed for the selected item is <Item.ProviderLocalizedName>. Click the link below to download this plugin." or similar, or the URL could even invoke VIPM to download and install!

One specific scenario where this happens is on large teams, where one developer is using a Project Provider, and other developers sharing the same LVProj through source-code control do not have a clean entry-point for identifying and downloading project providers. Maybe this request is too contrived or academic, but it seems like a simple way for Project Provider developers to ensure that developers don't dead end while using their product.

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