Re: I wish... FPGA Best Practices

It's not Best Practices, nor is it Common Design patterns, but I did a presentation on creating a Time Weighted Data Averaging Mechanism in FPGA that covered the challenges of how a simple set of code in Windows could eat too many resources in FPGA until converted from a parallel approach to a state machine approach. If that interests you, I can submit it. It was presented to the LabVIEW Architects Forum user group in February 2017 (link to video recording below).

Averaging data in FPGA

Averaging data can take many forms, for a project, I was requested to implement a time weighted average to smooth data spikes. The time weighting formula could be adjusted to a user specified value (# of averages), and also had to account for situations in which older data did not yet exist. FPGA code requires data to be fixed in length. Although not successfully implemented in FPGA during the project (had to move it up to the RT layer), this presentation will show how I was eventually able to implement the code in the FPGA, and some of the changes made to make it scaleable for a large number of channels while using minimal FPGA resources.

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