A Question about Wizard Load Times



I'm finally getting to all of the fixes I promised including: fixing the memory leak, removing the broken file that is not needed, and removing third-party dependencies.


One of the things I have been working to improve is the load time of the Wizard.  One thing I could fix could be fixed in a couple of ways and would like some feedback.  The tree control that lets you choose which class to inherit from loads dynamically from the QControl classes in [LabVIEW]\vi.lib\QSI\QControls\QControl Classes.  I did this so you could keep your QControls there and then they would show up in the wizard too.  By doing this it takes a second or so for that part alone.


So, to speed things up, I could one of two things:

  1. Make the tree static - It would not show your QControls in the directory but would load faster.  It would only show the QControls it ships with.  You can still select a path to inherit from your own QControls (feature that is already available).
  2. Lazy load the tree - I would let the Wizard open while still populating the tree.  This would only be visible if you clicked next before it was done but most likely it would be done before you got there.  If you did happen to see the tree control, it would just show "Loading..." until it was done.

What do you think?

Quentin "Q" Alldredge

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