Re: IndLUG first meeting - Going beyond the basics - Dec 18th 2018 (Confirmed)

Hi all,

       I have receivied only 65 unique registrations so far. This is 2/3 of people in this group. This is good number but not enough.I also sent confirmations to each of you by email. please reachout to me in case if you have not received the confirmation email.


There are lot of LabVIEW users in india who is not aware of this group and the meeting that is going to happen. I need your help in reaching out the maximum possible number of people.


1) create awareness about this group to your collegues and friends and ask them to join this group.

           I am planning to add the link to this group in my email signature. you can also do the same.

Also I welcome your ideas to create awareness.


2) The registrations for the upcoming user group meeting will be open till this friday. you can also share the same information to your fellow LabVIEW users.

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