Re: Introduction of new users

Hi everyone,


my name is Michael Leesker and I like to introduce myself a bit.

After an apprenticeship as an energy electronics specialist (operating technology) I studied electrical communication engineering at the TFH Bochum. During my later semesters I started to work as a student at the DMT Seilprüfstelle in Bochum, where I still work after my student days. I stuck with the DMT Seilprüfstelle because my job is interesting, challenging, and diversified.


I work with LabVIEW since then (about 20 years now) and started with Version 4.0, with some versions skipped I am now at 2017. I use LabVIEW for a wide variety of tasks such as data acquisition (sometimes paired with NI hardware), signal conditioning, simulating/maths and so on. Because of many other tasks, I am not a full-time programmer.


Though working in Bochum (and worldwide) assigning to the Euregio User Group makes sense, because I live in the region of Heinsberg.


For a long time I was the only LabVIEW programmer at my department, so it was and still is always interesting for me getting in touch with other programmers, because I think one could learn the most by discussing issues/problems and their solutions.


That's all for now.

I'm looking forward to the next UG-meeting,





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