Re: Introduction of new users

Hello everyone,


My name is Roger Custers, I'm 44 years old, proud dad of 3 daughters and live in a village near Roermond.

Just like my colleague Pascal Heinen (his introduction is a couple of messages above) I am one of the founding members of the Dutch LabVIEW User Group DutLUG and I work at VI Technologies as a system architect. In the past I worked for Philips Healthcare and Sioux. I've 25 years of experience with LabVIEW and in all those years I find that my enthusiasm has only grown.


A user group is a great way to share and discuss ideas around LabVIEW and meet new wireworkers 😄

Therefor looking forward to meet you all @ the LabVIEW-User-Group-Euregio meeting!