How to get TSN Switches

Applications performing synchronized measurements may be able to use the built-in switches in the CompactDAQ chassis to meet their networking needs.  Additionally for simple distributed control applications, two cRIO or Industrial Controllers can be directly connected and all the TSN features can be used.  However, many applications will require additional Ethernet switches supporting TSN.  Eventually there will be multiple standard switches on the market that can support TSN features and we are working with multiple switch vendors through Avnu to assure that selection and validation of these switches is straight forward.


To help facilitate building systems while the market is ramping, we are working with Cisco to provide access to their TSN enabled switches and configuration software.  Cisco supports TSN via the latest firmware update to their line of IE4000 industrial switches.  Any of the IE-4000 switches will work:

We recommend this model as it is the best match for the standard NI offering:



This model provides:

  • 12 GigE ports (4 can be used with fiber optics)
  • TSN support (time sync and scheduled flows) on all 12 ports
  • Industrial temp and shock ratings
  • 24V redundant DC power inputs


These switches can be procured through standard Cisco channels.  To find a distributor you can use this link:

Once received the firmware will need to be updated to the latest version.  For details on selecting and installing the correct firmware for your switch please see the following link:

Installing IOS SW TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch


If your application also requires deterministic data transfer then you will also need the centralized network configuration software (CNC).  This CNC is not commercially released yet but we are working closely with Cisco to be able to provide NI customers with beta access to this software.  Please contact NI via email if you need to request access to this beta program. In the email please include your full name, company name, NI TSN controllers you will use in the system and your NI sales representative name. 


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Hi, how long does it take to get a reply from CNC request? I have requested CNC few days ago, but haven't received a reply yet. 

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Apologies for the delay.  As part of our agreement with Cisco we can only provide the CNC Beta tools to our TSN customers (customers who are using cRIO or IC targets).  The process we follow is to manually get confirmation from the listed sales person.  We've had a few requests in Europe lately that have taken longer, I suspect due to holiday conflicts.  We are looking at the process to see if we can confirm based on a site purchase history to reduce the approval time. 


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Dear NI Team

We at Bosch Rexroth AG in Germany purchased CRIO 9040 TSN enabled controllers. We have already sent email to obtain the CNC, but have received no reply yet. How long does it usually take to obtain it ?

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Hi Muhammed,


We regret the delay. Your request has been processed, and please feel free to post on these forums if you encounter any difficulty during the setup process.

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How about CISCO IE-5000 series for I would like to use the 10-Gig ports with several cDAQ-9189 chassises? Has TSN been supported?


ZX Huang

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at this time the Cisco IE-5000 does not support TSN.

for Cisco products, only the IE-4000 supports TSN.  All models of the IE-4000 support TSN.


thanks for the inquiry.

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Thanks, Albert

On the data sheet of IE-5000, I found this description: 

●  Supports very-delay-sensitive applications and time-sensitive networks.


●   Integrated hardware support for features such as GPS receiver, IRIG, TOD and TSN that can be enabled with future software changes to add value and longevity to the IE 5000 platform

I'm not sure what it means, and is there is any plan to support TSN in the near future?



ZX Huang

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An option to consider is switching to a different PTP profile. 

If you are only using the time synchronization capability (I assume this is the case since you are using cDAQ) then you only need PTP support. The TSN standard specifies the .1AS profile of 1588.  However the cDAQ (and cRIO) devices can support both .1AS and 1588 default profile.  I think the IE5000 supports default profile so you may be able to use that configuration to get both the time synchronization and the requested bandwidth.


Note you won't be able to use the other TSN features (like deterministic networking) if you switch profiles but if you are only looking for the time-sync then the 1588 default profile should be a good option.  

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What Hokie said earlier is correct about PTP profiles.   the IE-5000 does support default as well power profile of PTP.  Not 802.1AS.


there is no short term plan to support either TSN or 802.1AS profile on the IE-5000.  by short term I mean 9 months.

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