Re: SquareBattle

A couple of points:

1. As mentioned in the ReadMe for the repository and at the TOULUG, the limit is currently set to 1ms for each square to not get penalized.

2. We've added an executable to the project. In order for all of the squares to show up in the executable you have to build the "Class Source Distribution" after you make any changes to your squares (just right click and hit build) which will build all of the squares that are in the auto-populating "Squares" folder.

3. We changed the board size to be a global variable instead of having it in the class private data. You can call the "Board" from your code to get the board size which is always square (50 = a 50x50 board).

4. As per Matt's suggestion, we revised Player Info to be a vi with two outputs, "Name" and "Victory Speech", so just wire up a couple of constants to those and you should be good. The Name shows up in the list, the Victory Speech shows up if you ever happen to win (;

5. There is a rough draft of the "Competition Rules" in the "Documents" folder of the project. Take a look at that when you get a chance and give us any feedback you might have.

Looking forward to our September 11th tournament! I hear there may be prizes (:

Hope to see you all there!!!


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