Re: What topis should we talk about in the next upcoming user group meetings?


I think there is a gap in certification that needs to be filled.


As far as background (non-specific) certification goes, most of us probably have a degree of some kind - whether it be electronics, computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering, or whatever.

Product specific

Then we have product (i.e. LabVIEW) specific certification with the NI CLAD, CLD, and Architect exams.

So what's missing?

We have no relevant practical qualification that certifies our ability for analysis and design.

I think it is fair to say that Object Oriented design has been embraced by academic institutions, as the way forward with software engineering, for at least two decades now.

Therefore ... I think we need to find (or develop) some sort of tirerd certification program that verifies our ability to craft solutions with sound architecture that guarantees efficient maintainability, extensibility, re-use, etc etc. - that is, all the good stuff that gives us real value in our profession as Software Engineers - particulary, LabVIEW software engineers.

Any thoughts?

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