Coding Challenge for 2Q18 Twin Cities LabVIEW User Group

Then coding challenge for the next Twin Cities LabVIEW User Group meeting deals with manipulation of strings.  It is based on the Word Find game.


The object of the Word Find game is to find words hidden within a matrix of random letters.  Download the attached zip file.  When you expand it, you will find a ReadMe file with more details, some VI's to generate the puzzle, and some sample data files.  


The object of the coding challenge is to write a VI that takes the list of words and the matrix of letters and finds the words in the letters.  As extra credit, create a GUI that would allow a human player to find the words.


As always with coding challenges, feel free to try novel solutions.  Part of the object of the exercise is to help the overall group learn LabVIEW.  Do as much or a little as you wish; from a minimal solution, to adding creative “bells and whistles”.  There will be time in the meeting to (optionally) present your solution to the group.

Steven C. Vetter
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Computer Solutions, LLC
Eagan, MN 55123