Is there a straight forward way to get NI-Visa, DAQmxBase, 488.2 working on Linux?


Based on my experience the last few days trying to install NI-visa, daqmxbase, and 488.2 on linux, I no longer belive what is stated in the readme files provided by NI regarding what distributions are 'supported'.

I would like to install the latest NI versions now available, ideally:

NI-visa 5.1.2

DAQmxBase v3.5

NI 488.2, v2.9

Is there a straight forward way to get these working?  I am open to using any distribution.

From what I have learned, NI linux software supports only 32bit systems, or 64bit systems running in a 32bit mode of some sort.  I can live with a 32 bit linux installation, but which one works?

Recently, trying to install NI-visaa 5.1.2 on SL5.8 32 bit, there were errors regarding the kernel source.  Could not proceed to the other packages.

In the past, I have tried opensuse and centos without sucess.

I have to belive that there is some distribution that NI software engineers acutally use, and that these NI packages will install to, without spending hours debuging.   If so, please let me know.


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