Labview 2019 DAQmx drivers Centos 8

I'm trying to install labview with DAQmx drivers on Centos 8. I've tried installing Labview, patching to latest patch, and then installing latest drivers from; installing labviewSP1 without patch and DAQmx 19.1.0; and most combinations in between. I first was installing and ignoring SMAP, but have since disabled SMAP and reinstalled everything.


When I open any vi's that have a channel constant in it, there's a seemingly random chance that, upon opening the block diagram, labview crashes. When labview successfully displays the block diagram, I am unable to get the VI to run, giving an error:


Device identifier is invalid.


And I'm unable to select a new device name from the channel constant drop down. Sometimes it suggests a new device identifier, however the new identifier also does not work.


Running lsusb indicates a national instruments device plugged in to the USB bus.


Does anyone know what may be causing the problem or have very specific install instructions for Centos 8 that prevents this problem?


Thanks for your help,


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