Re: Problem launching VIPM on openSUSE 15.1

After some tinkering, I finally found a work-around for this problem.  Please keep in mind that I have just installed openSUSE as an operating system, and as such I did not have any personal files at risk here.


I downloaded and installed openSUSE 15.0 on my laptop.  After getting all of the updates, I followed the previous instructions to install the additional 32bit related packages.  Then I installed VIPM.  Please note the following responses from the terminal window:

     User Terminal:  Command: sudo ./vipm       Response:  Unable to open X display

     User Terminal:  Command: ./vipm      Response:  Do not have permission to open file

     Root Terminal:  Command: sudo ./vipm      Response: Unable to open X display

     Root Terminal:  Command: ./vipm      Response:  VIPM opens successfully!!


Once I verified that VIPM would open, I used a USB with the openSUSE Leap 15.1 installation files.  When the screen pops up, I selected UPDATE instead of INSTALL or BOOT FROM HARD DRIVE (see example here).  After selecting all of the default values, the system updated to Leap 15.1.  After rebooting, I verified that Leap 15.1 was installed, and checked for any additional updates.  Once that was done, I was able to successfully launch VIPM as root from a terminal window (see above responses).


I tested the above on a virtual machine first.  As an alternative, I used the example found here on the VM as well, with success in launching VIPM, though it was not the method I used to update my laptop.


For some reason, starting from a fresh install of Leap 15.1 does not allow VIPM to run.  When trying to launch, I get the Fatal Error 0x90FFFA4E error.  This has been the only way that I have been able to successfully launch VIPM in openSUSE 15.1. 


I hope that this works for you!