cDAQ-9178 on Ubuntu



The forum has a good amount of information talking about the ethernet based cDAQ devices and the struggles folks have had to use them on Linux. 


I specifically must use Ubuntu 16.04 for my system (3rd party hardware that is the heart of the system). I now need to bring in some data acquisition into the system to interact with the specialized 3rd party hardware. I'm considering an NI hardware solution, specifically a USB-based cDAQ-9178. 


Has anyone had success using USB-based cDAQ on Linux? How about on debian based systems?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: cDAQ-9178 on Ubuntu

The July 2019 Release has cDAQ-9178 support.  Of course, there is no officially supplied Debian packaging.  Some people have had luck converting things with alien.  This is not an NI-supported configuration, but it may work for you.

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Re: cDAQ-9178 on Ubuntu

I have a cDAQ-9174 and Centos recognizes it. 


I have been trying to get the drivers to work with ubuntu for sometime now with limited success.  I have VISA drivers working fine, but so far no luck getting the daqmx drivers to work.  I can run nilsdev without error, but it does not list the cDAQ using ubuntu.  (Works fine with Centos.)



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