Re: 2019 NI Drivers on ubuntu.

@dirtyb15 wrote:

Okay, got some time to play around some more with this and finally have it working....

I am running linux mint 19.2 with kernel 5.0.0-23.  (should work with ubuntu as long as kernel is not newer.)

This is what i did (Assuming you already have labview for linux 2019 already installed)


Open your terminal and create a tmp folder, cd into it.

then do  "wget -i"

That should download all the rpms.

Delete any of the i386 rpms ( I think there were 3). Or move them wherever you want.

now run "sudo alien --scripts *.rpm" This will take awhile.

When finished run "dpkg -i *.deb"   (Again, will take a while, i just installed everything, but obviously you don't have to.)

When finished run "sudo dkms autoinstall"

When finished run "visaconf"

That should be it. Good luck!

Will this work for LabVIEW 2018 RTE? I just want to be able to run a LabVIEW.exe I created in LabVIEW for Linux on another Linux OpenSuse machine.

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