Re: failed to initialize with october 2018 driver release on a fresh install of CentOS 7.5

@mat131I want to be sure to understand correctly the issue. When installing the ni-daqmx package from the NI RPM repository, one of its dependencies, the kernel headers (from the kernel-devel package I assume), gets pulled in. Unfortunately, those headers versions are not checked against the current installed kernel version. But more importantly, it seems like a given ni-daqmx package version has a pretty strong dependency on a specific kernel version. Why is this kernel version not in the ni-daqmx dependency list then? Am I missing something or is it a correct understanding of the situation?

Close.  The software stack doesn't need any particular kernel version, so forcing yum to update the kernel during the installation process wouldn't be feasible. Further, upgrading the user's kernel when installing a software package would probably be undesirable from a principle of least surprise standpoint.


The software does have a dependency on kernel-devel, and that package needs to match the version of whatever kernel is running.  RPM doesn't really give a way to express that, though, and yum will simply fetch the latest version of kernel-devel. In this case, the CentOS maintainers have newer kernel and kernel-devel packages available than those that originally shipped with the distribution.  Your system had the older kernel, and installing the NI stack retrieved the later, mismatched kernel-devel. 


Instead of the "yum update" you could have also just downgraded the version of kernel-devel, but sometimes the older versions of those packages are no longer available.


In any case I would suggest to make the installation instructions much clearer on that topic to avoid that trap.

I agree that having this documented somewhere would be a good idea..  It seems like this would be a common problem.