Re: failed to initialize with october 2018 driver release on a fresh install of CentOS 7.5

Thank you very much GabeJ, the


yum update

(which downloaded several hundreds of MBytes) followed by a computer restart solved the problem.


I want to be sure to understand correctly the issue. When installing the ni-daqmx package from the NI RPM repository, one of its dependencies, the kernel headers (from the kernel-devel package I assume), gets pulled in. Unfortunately, those headers versions are not checked against the current installed kernel version. But more importantly, it seems like a given ni-daqmx package version has a pretty strong dependency on a specific kernel version. Why is this kernel version not in the ni-daqmx dependency list then? Am I missing something or is it a correct understanding of the situation?


In any case I would suggest to make the installation instructions much clearer on that topic to avoid that trap. As it is, the user experience if very far from optimal.

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