Re: Installing NI-488.2 on Redhat 7.5

I am using ni-pal- on Redhat 7.4.
My nikal verion is 18.2.0f0, i.e. precisely ni-kal-

All the NI compatibility docs referencing ver. 18.2 supports Redhat 7.*, i.e. RH 7.4 and 7.5.

I am finding problems communicating with my gpib devices.

I kept my gpib.ini file in /etc/ni4882/gpib.ini


Note: attempting to restart nipal caused problems:


# /etc/init.d/nipal restart

error: unable to unload nipalk



Q1. Where should I keep gpib.ini file?
Note: Once I copied my gpib.ini to /etc/ni4882/gpib.ini I can run the "gpibexplorer" to browse my gpib devices.

I have gpib.ini in the following locations:


What is the purpose of the /etc/gpibrc ?


Appreciate any insight.

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