Re: Installing NI-488.2 on Redhat 7.5

But I can't start gpibexplorer. When I try I get a pop-up window saying:
"The attempted operation failed. failed to initialize. Verify that nipalk.ko is built and loaded." Similar thing when I try to run visaconf.

 Perhaps contact your NI sales representative and demand your money back.


I gathered that nipal needs to load the drivers. There are no ni drivers coming up in lsmod. So I ran:
[radio@toucan ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/nipal start
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nipalk': Required key not available

That's one of the thousand problems w/ proprietary drivers. If the was free (GPL), then it would most likely already be in mainline, therefore shipped by the distro w/ proper signature, and you wouldn't have any problem at all.


You have "secure boot" enabled (that thing which was originally introduced to boycott free operating systems), and the kernel was built w/ CONFIG_EFI_SECURE_BOOT_SIG_ENFORCE. Disable "secure boot" in UEFI setup / recompile the kernel w/o that option, so it doesn't check for signatures anymore.


What is the required key that I need?

You'd need the distro's privkey (pretty much impossible) to sign the module, or rebuild your own kernel w/ your own key and add that to UEFI's trusted keyring. The NI scripts won't help you w/ that, you'll have to do that all on your own. There're several guides in the web, but it's a task for a seasoned linux operator, not the average desktop user.

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