Re: Installing NI-488.2 on Redhat 7.5

I haven't experienced your specific error but FYI my updateNIDrivers lives here: /usr/local/bin/


You may need a symbolic link from >   For some reason that error seems vaguely familiar. Try to find where the (or whatever version it is) with the command: locate


Also, in my experience, I needed NIKAL version 17.5 for RHEL 7.5 (17.0 won't work):


I am talking to devices over Ethernet, not USB.  Using GPIBEXPLORER I can edit / modify ENET100s, but if I want to talk to an ENET1000 I have to manually edit the gpib.ini file (GPIBEXPLORER has a bug when trying to add a 1000 to the gpib.ini file).  If you manually edit it works.  All in all, the NI Linux stuff is pretty hack-y.


Good Luck.

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