Re: GPIB-HS-USB Support for Newer Linux Kernels

Changing NI-KAL license to GPL is not possible at the moment. Our main driver is not GPL. Sorry..

Then why not just changing the driver license (and publish the full source) or at least publish proper specs ?

Proprietary Linux kernel drivers are always extremly painful and expensive, and just russian roulette.


As long as NI is so hostile against FOSS, they'll be under fire. My recent full disclosure (which interestingly correlated with a huge stock slump of amost 10%) was just a tiny piece of that. And we're currently in process of building up a direct competition with completely free specs and drivers by day one.


We can still support this in the future by leveraging libusb, which is the sanctioned way in Linux to do closed-source USB..

Fine, that would make reverse-engineering a lot easier.


Maybe we (the community) really should spend some time for that and upload full specs to github, where everybody can find it. If a company is so keen on keeping those things secret, that's exactly the point where we should hit them as hard as possible.

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