Re: 64bit etc - under consideration?


I'm curious, is there any chance the driver library stacks (e.g., and related) will become available as a 64bit version in the foreseeable future?

A clean engineering approach would be just write proper IIO drivers.  


Takes about 4..8 man-weeks per device type (yes, I'm doing those things).

IIO is the standard Linux subsystem for those kind of devices - no reason for having a separate fat proprietary stack (which also needs to rewrite applications just for using some particular hardware), that eats up hundreds of megabytes, when the standard infrastructure already can handle everything.


Unfortunately, NI still refuses to tell us how to use their expensive hardware, so we can't use their products. Well, then we just don't buy them, period. (I've already personally killed a >10 Mio $ deal for exactly that reason).


I had numerious conversations (including calls) on that issue for the cRIOs. They don't hand out any specs, so we can't develop drivers. Therefore my client had to drop NI from the vendor list and so doesn't spend millions there.


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