Re: Is there a straight forward way to get NI-Visa, DAQmxBase, 488.2 working on Linux?

Based on my experience the last few days trying to install NI-visa, daqmxbase, and 488.2 on linux, I no longer belive what is stated in the readme files provided by NI regarding what distributions are 'supported'.

Correct. This stuff is completely unsupported and just gambling.


Proprietary kernel drivers just don't work reliably on Linux. (already explained it a dozen of times here in the forum).


Even trying to get something working in some specific configurations is a huge, expensive task.


In contrast: developing clean IIO/Comedi drivers afresh and submitting them to mainline would take a few weeks per device. And there wouldn't be any need for the gigantic stack of daqmx, nikal and friends.


Is there a straight forward way to get these working?  I am open to using any distribution.

No. It's always a lot of handicraft work, gambling and praying. 

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