Extremely small IDE graphics (icons, wires, FP, etc.)

So I bought a new laptop with an unreasonable screen resolution of more than 250dpi. I'm using gnome as WM. There are some general settings for WM fonts and a few more decorations, which can be set to scale (e.g. 200%), but not all applications are aware of them, nor I think it is reasonable to expect it in the linux ecosystem.

Labview is among those which don't and stay put in pixel size. A standard BD icon of 32px is less than 3mm high, which is quite straining, and all the rest in proportion. I note that the problem doesn't exist in windows (same laptop), except perhaps for some glitches about the pointer size reported elsewhere.

Any other experience like that? any solution? In my case reducing the screen resolution is not even that much of an option, the graphic card of this laptop doesn't have a mode which is exactly a submultiple of the native resolution in both dimensions. I mean native is 3200x1800 but there is no 1600x900, either 1600x something else or something else  x900, so any lower mode would be blurry. Also increasing all application fonts alone is more a problem than a solution.

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