Re: How to Install GPIB driver NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 8.04

Shawn, what about symlinking the Open Source driver to be the same name as the standard NI driver? Of course that is no solution for distributing software as you would violate the GPL in that way, but nobody is going to sue someone doing this on his or her own system. I checked and the linux-gpib driver does explicitedly claim to be NI driver compatible. If that is true this would be a quick fix to let LabVIEW and VISA use the driver anyhow.

IANAL (caveat) so let me just parrot some things as I understand it...

As far as getting interop between open source libraries (specifically GPL license) and NI products, the question of licensing you won't even be able to get a consistent answer from a lawyer.  GPL v2 and LGPL v2 depend on definitions of derived works that isn't tested in law and isn't fully defined.  That (and some loopholes) were the crux behind the creation of GPL v3 and LGPL v3.  The ambiguity causes complications to things and fear, especially when it comes to a corporation trying to protect its competitive advantage and IP.

Perhaps GPIB today is licensed under the GPL because of the ambiguity of derived works in LGPL v2?  Perhaps they can update to use the LGPL v3 and be happier with that?

Comedi is licensed under the GPL v2 in the kernel and comedilib is LGPL v2 in user space.

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